8 Plugins That Divi Users Don’t Need

Jul 25, 2016

There’s no such thing as having too many WordPress plugins, as long as they can all play nice together, but keeping the number to a minimum definitely has some advantages. Some of these advantages include fewer updates to manage, fewer chances of compatibility issues, better site performance, faster load time and an opportunity to save money. Also, by replacing multiple plugins with a single product, you can get support in one location. Without further ado, here are the eight Divi features that will eliminate the need for additional plugins.

Drag and Drop Page Builder Tool


The Divi Builder is the core feature of Divi and allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts, without touching a single line of code. It gives you the ability to effortlessly create multi row and column layouts for your posts and pages, which can then be populated with 46 different content modules.

Email Optin Forms


The Email Optin module allows you to easily insert a newsletter sign-up form into your site. The forms are all completely responsive, so they will adjust to the size of the column or row they’ve been placed in. You can add custom content to your form and personalize the appearance through the visual editor and settings.

Contact Forms


If all you need is a simple contact form, the Divi Builder includes a contact form module. Like all other modules, you can customize the appearance within the visual editor and it even includes basic captcha spam protection.



The Divi Builder includes three different Slider modules for adding slideshows to your posts and pages. The standard Slider module allows you to create a slideshow with multiple slides, each of which can contain custom content. The second Slider module gives you the ability to add full-width sliders. Both of these sliders offer various settings including auto playback, parallax scrolling and enabling or disabling the slideshow controls. The third Slider module is the Video Slider and only gives you the ability to set videos as the main slide content. The videos can be hosted externally or they can be files in your WordPress Media Library.

Interactive Google Maps


An effective business website needs an interactive map and the Map module makes it easy to add one to your custom layout. When adding a map, you can set the start location and then add as many pins to your map as you need. Each pin can also display its own custom content. This simple module makes the process of adding interactive Google Maps with custom markers to your website very easy.

Pricing Tables


If you are selling products or services on your website, having a pricing table can be a requirement. With the Pricing Tables module, you can mark a column as featured to help it stand out, set a currency and payment cycle, add links, and then enter the list of custom content to be compared.



With the Testimonial module, you can easily publish feedback from your customers. Within the Testimonial builder, you can enter the name, title, company, website address, and a photo of the user, as well as entering their feedback. Like the rest of the modules from Divi Builder, the testimonials are responsive and will fit into any column layout.

Media Galleries and Players


There are a few modules that enhance the standard functionality of WordPress when displaying media files on your Divi-powered website. The Image module makes it easy to add pictures to your custom layouts and will automatically resize your images to ensure they fill the width of the column or row they have been placed in. You also have the option of displaying a larger version of the image in a lightbox window when clicked or turning the images into links. The Audio module provides simple playback controls, with the option of adding cover art to the player. The Video module makes it easy to add videos to your website. These videos can be self-hosted files or those from external sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

By using Divi for your website, not only can you easily create a stunning website but you can also reduce the number of required plugins. Get Divi today and see what you can do!

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