Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek

Sep 1, 2016

Divi 3.0 will be released on September 7th and is the biggest and most transformative update ever for Divi. It will introduce an entirely new and modern visual editing experience built with React. It’s incredibly fast, the UI is beautiful and the visual nature of the builder is pure magic.

Divi 3.0 (Alpha) In Action

In this video we share the most detailed look yet at the new front end builder coming in Divi 3.0. What you’re seeing in this video is the alpha version of the builder in action. This version is still rough compared to what we’ll launch with, but it’s looking good enough to share our excitement with the community!

The “Invisible” and Customizable Interface

Divi 3.0 will introduce a completely new visual builder interface that will allow you to edit your pages on the front end of your website. This new builder has been re-created from the ground up using React and Flux; modern javascript libraries for building web interfaces.

The New In-line Editor

One of the best examples of Divi 3.0’s visual nature is the new In-line Editor. The In-line Editor allows you to add, edit and style text content directly on your page without ever opening a module’s settings panel. Just click and start typing! You can compose entire posts with a single column and text module and the experience is wonderful. Plus, the new in-line editor gives you additional options like custom fonts and text sizes.

Visual Undo, Redo And Revision History

The ability to undo and redo in the visual builder is especially useful because you can use it to compare recent edits and see the differences in real time. Think of it like a digital sketchbook that you can flip through at any time! The revision history system keeps track of every change you make and allows you to jump backwards and forward through time to any moment during your editing session. It’s a cool feature of the current Divi builder, but it’s infinitely cooler in the new visual builder!

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