Welcome to the ‘Made With Divi’ Blog

Jul 8, 2016

Welcome to the blog! My name is Bill and I wanted to help spread the word about Divi, which is one of the 87 WordPress themes created by Elegant Themes. Not only am I a member of their affiliate program, which allows me to earn a commission on new members that I refer, I am a lifetime access member. When I first signed up at Elegant Themes, I only purchased the “Personal” plan. When my first year ran out, I knew it would make more sense to upgrade my account. By doing so, I would always receive updates and I could get access to all the plugins that they have available. You can see a simple example of their Monarch social sharing plugin along the left side of your screen. Anyways, it’s been almost two years now since I purchased my membership and started working with Divi and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s come a long way since then and it’s only getting better. They also have a huge upgrade (version 3) coming soon and I couldn’t be more excited.

Obviously, this site is made with Divi and the Home page demonstrates just a few of the many great things that you can do. Elegant Themes also has a full demo where you can see everything in action, including all the content modules. For those lucky people that have already purchased a membership at Elegant Themes and are using Divi, I will be periodically posting Divi tips, tricks and code snippets that you might find useful. So, stay tuned for more Divi excitement!

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